Rob Kardashian Resurfaces at Family Thanksgiving Celebration

Rob Kardashian has been out of the public eye for several years since stepping back from his family reality show. But ever so often, we catch a glimpse of him via social media. And a holiday party thrown by matriarch/manager Kris Jenner will surely feature him somehow. Thanksgiving 2022 was no different. Kris, 67, had personal royal-themed portraits done of every family member in attendance at the turkey day shindig and had them hung up on the wall. A photo of Rob, 35, was among them, was among them, leading fans to assume he was present for the celebration. The sighting comes weeks after his sister Khloe shared a glimpse of him in a video celebrating his 6-year-old daughter Dream's birthday.

The clip showed Dream, who donned a purple Adidas tracksuit, outside Rob's house opening the door of a Cadillac Escalade, which was filled with pink balloons. Someone shouts in the video: "Look at your daddy over there!" The camera pans to Rob standing and waving in the doorway of his house. The only Kardashian boy has been mostly out of the spotlight since the spinoff reality series Rob & Chyna was canceled in December 2016. The first season chronicled the former urban model's pregnancy and their tumultuous arguments. Their relationship was controversial and not well-received by the family. At the time Rob's youngest sister Kylie was in a relationship with Chyna's ex-boyfriend, rapper Tyga. 

They split shortly after Dream's birth. He has since been awarded primary custody. But the battle between he and Chyna has been ongoing. She sued his mother and sisters for contract interference, alleging they had the show canned at E!. The Kardashians won that lawsuit.


Per the U.S. Sun, a recently leaked email outlines Rob's next career move, which suggests he could be making a return to the reality realm. In a social media post of the screen grab of the anonymous email, it reads: "Rob Kardashian's rumored return to the public eye is true. There will either be an exclusive podcast or a Kardashians episode with him talking about what he's been going through and what help he's been getting. Dream's happiness is the focus."