Rihanna's Dad Didn't Know About Her Pregnancy Until the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rihanna's father was unaware of her pregnancy until the day his daughter performed at this year's Super Bowl. The musician's father, Ronald Fenty, who traveled from Barbados to Glendale, Arizona, to watch her perform and see the football game, revealed to TMZ he was unaware she was expecting her second child. During the halftime show, he noticed Rihanna's baby bump, telling his partner, "Oh my god! My baby girl looks pregnant!" While the singer was pregnant with her first child, Fenty revealed that he met A$AP Rocky a few times and was hoping to have a granddaughter. Fenty also stated that he believes his daughter and the rapper will make great parents. Because of Rihanna's busy schedule and her son's residence in Barbados, Fenty has yet to be involved with the boy's life. 

Apparently, Rihanna and her father are working on their personal issues, as in 2019, she reportedly sued him for allegedly using her company to launch his own entertainment company. A few weeks before their scheduled court appearances, the case was dropped. Despite their rocky relationship, Fenty said he'd love to share in the life of Rihanna's new child. Besides Rihanna's father and the public at large, her backup dancers and NFL executives were also left out in the cold about her big announcement. Recently, backup dancers Luhnyae Campbell and Laila Hayes revealed to Entertainment Tonight that they were unaware the singer was pregnant during rehearsals and on the day of their performance. Furthermore, the two performers told the outlet that when they rewatched the show on YouTube, they discovered that she was pregnant for the first time. "We were all confused watching it during the real thing when she went up there and was showing her stomach," Campbell said.

 A dancer later shared that Fenty Beauty's founder wore the same outfit while rehearsing for the show, but the jacket was zipped up, providing fans with an insight into how she could hide her baby bump. According to Campbell, the award-winning pop star attended rehearsals wearing an oversized fur coat along with matching Fenty outfits in an apparent attempt to conceal the presence of her second child. Rihanna also kept her pregnancy a secret from NFL and Apple Music executives until the day of her performance. In a report by Music Times, a source indicated that the musician is known to work on her own schedule and that a baby would not make a difference to her commitment to the Super Bowl halftime show.