Sex Therapist Reveals How Matt Lauer Approached Her for Advice

Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman recently revealed in an interview that Matt Lauer once approached her for sex and relationship advice.

Dr. Laura told WGN9 that she used to visit the Today Show regularly as a relationship correspondent and on one occasion had Lauer pull her aside to ask for advice on what he told her was for his "own personal relationship."

She explained that the interaction was not "inappropriate at all," but that Lauer inquired about the use of marital "aids and devices" because he was opposed to going "into a store" to get them.

The doctor revealed that she told Lauer she would bring him some from her line of products and the next time she was on the show she did just that.

On a subsequent appearance following the time she gave Lauer the toys, Dr. Laura recalled that Today Show co-host Meredith Viera joked with her about discovering the bag of items.

Now that reports of Lauer allegedly committing sexual assault and sexual harassment repeatedly have emerged, Dr. Laura said that many news outlets have called her about the interaction, as it's presumed that one of the toys she provided him was the one he reportedly gave a female Today show staffer along with a note detailing what he wanted to do to her.

When asked is she was surprised about the Lauer revelations, Dr. Laura said, "I never had any hint from him, ever, that he was someone who would be doing this kind of thing."


"I think that's what's important in this national conversation is that people who harass, who abuse, who assault, are people who do not seem nefarious or dangerous, she added."