Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson Tensions Reportedly 'Boiling'on 'The Voice' Set

When Kelly Clarkson walked away the victor on American Idol in its first season, she gushed about country icon Reba McEntire being her idol. Now it would seem time and a messy divorce have changed things a bit, at least they did according to recent reports. Clarkson marriage to McEntire's former stepson, Brandon Blackstock, ended with a legal brawl that McEntire allegedly isn't letting go away. Radar Online reports that  has been meddling in their messy divorce and wants the two to mend things. Both are now working on The Voice, with Clarkson as a judge, and McEntire as a mentor. And sources allege they are bringing their family drama to show.

"They have to play nice for the cameras, but things are really tense between them. Reba's got it in her head that Kelly should take Brandon back, which has really upset Kelly," a source alleges. Blackstock and Clarkson's divorce was finalized in 2022, ending a bitter court war over custody and finances. She was awarded primary custody of their two children, but had to pay Blackstock a $1.3 million settlement and child support of $45,000 a month. It has not been an easy situation for Clarkson. And despite McEntire no longer being married to Blackstock's father, she still is close with him.

"But for some reason, Reba just can't accept that it's over," the source added, noting that she has a "soft spot" for her stepson despite dumping his dad, Narvel, in 2015 after 26 years of marriage. She is now dating Rex Linn.

Clarkson is reporetdly pissed with Blackstock over the financial settlement. Sources say there is no chance she'd ever take him back.

"Reba has this delusional hope Brandon and Kelly could work things out. She thinks it would be better for the kids," the source explained. "Kelly's not having any of it. She thinks Reba should leave The Voice. The tension's boiling over — and everyone's worried it's going to come out on camera."