Ray J Sets Record Straight: Sister Brandy Not Pregnant, Just 'Likes the Weight'

Singer and actress Brandy Norwood has faced pregnancy rumors for about a year, and though she dubbed herself "thicker than a Snicker" to shoot them down, brother Ray J stepped in to field off speculation.

Ray J admitted that even he wondered whether his sister was expecting after noticing her fuller figure; he eventually confronted her about the rumors.

"You know, she likes the weight," the "Sexy Can I" singer explained to PEOPLE during an interview on Thursday. "I had to ask [her] too cause too many pictures… And she said, 'I like my weight.' You know, she's just enjoying her weight."

(Photo: Instagram / @4everbrandy)

But while Brandy, 39, does not have a little one on the way, Ray J and his wife Princess Love are pregnant with their first child, the singer revealed in November.

The 37-year-old announced on The Real that he and Love were "expecting" after some pregnancy struggles, and fans ran with his wording choice to spin an even bigger rumor about the Norwood family. Gathering from his words and speculation Brandy was pregnant, some viewers theorized she was carrying her brother's child.

"Someone said she's having OUR baby — that she's our surrogate," Ray J told PEOPLE.

"And I'm like, that would be love, okay? That would be the ultimate hookup if my sister was able to take time out of her life and have our baby," he continued. "It's a little outrageous, but those are just some of the things that happen in the press. For me, I just kind of chuckle it off."

Ray J and Love are expecting a baby girl due later in spring.

(Photo: Instagram / @rayj)

"Love is on my mind. Love is in my heart. Princess and I — we're expecting," the singer gushed to The Real hosts to make the announcement. "I am nervous, excited. It finally happened. We were trying for a while. It's not as easy as people think."

He opened up about how the couple married in 2016 and had been struggling to get pregnant ever since, although he did not clarify specifically what led to their difficulty getting pregnant.

"It took me to focus and do the right thing for my side, take care of my side and get fresh," he said.

Despite Ray J's happy news, the Norwood family has reportedly experienced drama after some social media beef led Brandy and the siblings' mom Sonja to skip Ray J and Love's baby shower earlier in March.

"Things are getting good. You have good days and you have bad days," Ray J told PEOPLE of the drama, which the family is looking to put behind them. "We'll be fine. We're right at the end stages — about to have a baby — so its just intense."


"I'm just holding my wife and making sure she's okay, making sure she's comfortable and she feels warm and positive. The family stuff will always be love but I've gotta make sure the baby and the wife are okay right now," he added.