Priyanka Chopra Stirs Controversy in Latest Photo With Dessert of Cash

Priyanka Chopra is stirring up social media once again after she shared photos of cash in her dessert, daulet ki chaat — a frothy treat made from churned milk, once served only to the royals. The 37-year-old actress, who is currently shooting for her new movie, posed with the extravagant dessert, which was served with a couple of Indian rupee notes while she ate in her native country.

"Cash in my dessert. Now that's a first," she captioned the tweet with a crying laughing emoji and a string of hashtags, among the likes of "only in India," "Delhi stories" and "set life."

The lavish dessert, which was from New Delhi's popular Daulat Ki Chaat dessert shop, angered many of Chopra's followers, who weren't afraid to give Chopra a piece of her mind.

One user asked Chopra to remove the "foolish post" because "as a citizen of India we value and respect [our] Indian money."

Others pointed out that the notes were most likely fake, as the shop specializes in intricate desserts.

Chopra has been in New Delhi filming for Netflix's The White Tiger with Rajkummar Rao this week. She made headlines for sharing a photo of herself wearing a pollution mask and speaking out about the brutal conditions. "It’s so hard to shoot here right now that I can’t even imagine what it must be like to live here under these conditions," she wrote. "We r blessed with air purifiers and masks. Pray for the homeless. Be safe everyone."

Chopra's followers quickly began criticizing her for the post and her apparent lack of action.

"And you can do nothing except posting this on social media," one person wrote, while another opined, "Here’s a thought? Instead of praying why don’t you make a contribution or buy masks for those who can’t afford it?"


"Hypocrisy at its best," another comment read, while a fourth person wrote, "Irony."

A public health emergency has been declared in New Delhi amid the smog, which is predicted to last for at least another week. CNN reports that Delhi's chief minister has deemed the smog "unbearable," and authorities have stopped work on construction sites, limited the number of cars on the road and handed out face masks to millions of children.