Prince William Allegedly Meeting in Private With Brother Harry Following Feud Rumors

Prince Harry and Prince William might be able to put their rumored rift behind them after the two are reportedly scheduled to meet for a one-on-one in private while new dad, Harry is the United Kingdom. According to a source for In Touch, William is well aware that it could be a now-or-never situation if he doesn't try and resolve their issues before his little brother heads back to Canada. Over the last year, speculation among fans has continued to grow as the brothers and their wives seemingly appeared to drift further apart. As of now, onlookers are still unsure what it is exactly that led to tension, but a lot of signs point in the direction of Harry and wife Meghan Markle not feeling like the family protected the American starlet enough from public scrutiny.

"He knows it's a now or never situation and doesn't want to lose his brother for good," the insider explained. "It will take time for them to rebuild their relationship but at least they're on the right path."

While their relationship has been tumultuous recently, things took a turn for the worse when Harry and Markle suddenly announced they would be stepping down as senior royals to pursue a more independent life not only away from the royal family, but outside of the U.K. While so many thought Markle was imposing her thoughts and opinions on Harry and encouraging him to break away, according to the source, Harry is simply tired of living in his brother's shadow.

"He's over living in William's shadow," the source said. "The Queen stressed the importance of her family putting on a united front, and she made this very clear in her statement, but his relationship with William is still strained. The way things are going, it's unlikely they'll ever be close again. Like they used to be."

When Markle and Harry moved to Canada, the insider said they were hoping for a "fresh start," which it appears they've been able to do. Markle is now driving herself around again instead of being driven around, Harry picked up his own food not long ago and he did so while dressed down and appeared super happy about it. They've also been able to dress in a way they want instead of having to abide by royal protocol. While on their mission to be apart of a separate life from the royal family, it's being said that William has been in full support.

"William's not interfering and is letting his brother get on with it," they said. "I doubt they'll ever be close again like they were when they were younger."

While this may or may not be true, according to Damali Peterman, conflict resolution expert, there is always hope.

"There's always some sibling rivalry. There are typically some situations when you bring someone new to your family — that changes the dynamics," she explained before adding that "communication is key because communication is at the heart of the conflict in any family."


"If someone doesn't like what someone said, what someone did ... the way they communicate that is impacted by it, whether they stop talking to each other or the conversation is strained."

Photo credit: Karwai Tang/Getty.