Prince Harry's Secret Instagram Account Revealed in New Netflix Series

It turns out that the royals are just like us. In Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix documentary series, they revealed that the prince actually had a secret Instagram account. Thanks to this very account, he was able to come into contact with his now-wife. 

In the first episode of Harry & Meghan, the couple recounted how they met. He explained that he was scrolling through his feed when he saw that a friend posted a video with Meghan, who had a "doggy ears" Snapchat filter on. Meghan chuckled as she said, "That's what he saw of me." Her husband added, "That was the first thing. I was like, 'Who is that?!' That's ridiculous." Once their mutual friend told Meghan that the prince had taken notice of her, she began to check out his Instagram feed. As she explained, she was immediately taken by the photos that Harry posted, which included countless nature scenes. 

"I asked if I could see his feed," Meghan said. "So that's the thing. When people say, 'Did you Google him?' No. But that's your homework. You're like, 'Hmmm, let me see what they're about in their feed. Not what someone says about them, but what they're putting out about themselves.' That was to me the best barometer." She added about what she eventually saw on his feed, "I went through it and it was just like beautiful photography and all these environmental shots and this time he was spending in Africa."

Eventually (on their third date!), Meghan got to venture into Harry's world for a trip to Botswana. Since the prince has such a love for the continent, he felt as though it was only right to share that experience with Meghan. But, he was still a bit "astonished" that she even said yes to the trip, which took place in August 2016. Harry noted, "This woman that I've only met twice, we are going to be living in a tent together for 10 days? Wow."

Luckily, things went swimmingly for the pair during their excursion despite the fact that they had no service, "You put a lot of faith and a lot of trust in me," Harry said to Meghan. "It just felt so right and felt so normal." She agreed, adding, "Thankfully, we really liked each other."