Pregnant Prostitute Poses With Her Kids at the Doctor for Her Own Sex Ads

When you're expecting, the doctor's office quickly becomes your second home. But for pregnant prostitute Summer Sebastian, it doubled as the backdrop for her latest promotional posts advertising—you guessed it—her sex services.

The Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch worker shared a series of photos on Twitter straight from the doctor's table, writing she's 23 weeks (about six months) along and, though she planned to work all the way to delivery, she's taking appointments through the end of June before "prego leave."

"Come get your freak on!" the Las Vegas prostitute also wrote.

As if this isn't ~interesting~ enough, a closer look reveals that Sebastian's five-year-old twin daughters accompanied her to the check-up; their little hands held mom's belly in two of the selfies. The photos themselves are normal—sweet, even—but using them to book clients stirs up some major questions.

Sebastian has been a source of controversy since she announced the pregnancy with her 70-year-old boyfriend and decision to continue working "until I pop!" in early April. When she broke the news to readers, she said she received hundreds of calls from interested clients, many of whom have a fetish for sexual encounters with a pregnant woman.

(Photo: Moonlite Bunny Ranch)

In her latest blog post, the sex worker shared she is 'now lactating colostrum [the beginnings of breast milk]' and insinuated that she's offering a taste for high-paying clients.

"Certain people have this fetish where they like to dress up like a baby and they want to be treated like a baby, which involves lactation and breastfeeding — it could be in that sense, or it could be in the sense that they just want to go back to their roots psychologically," she said to Cosmopolitan.

As Sebastian's photos showed, she's been keeping in touch with her doctor and was cleared to continue her work throughout pregnancy. Mostly, the legal prostitute said her biggest obstacle was finding sexy positions to accommodate her growing belly—a challenge she excitedly accepted.


"Adding this creative component to my parties with my clients has just made sex that much more exciting, and interesting!" she wrote.

If you're painfully curious to learn more about Sebastian's journey, plus her motivation to work as a pregnant prostitute, check out her full story here.