Personal Assistant Files Lawsuit Against Unnamed Celeb for Sexual Assault, HIV Exposure

An unnamed woman in California has filed a lawsuit against an unnamed big celebrity.

The woman, who is listed as Jane Doe in the lawsuit, has claimed that the celebrity forced her to engage in unwanted rough sex, ignored her protests against it, spit on her, belittled her, and threatened further sexual assault. She also alleges that David Doe, the unnamed man in the lawsuit, exposed her to HIV after one of his recent sexual partners had tested positive for the disease. He told her that she should get tested, sources connected to the case told TMZ.

The woman claims that she worked for the celeb as a part-time personal assistant and that she was vulnerable to the man's advances, stating that he "leveraged his power" over her as she was a single mother. She accuses him of being both verbally and physically abusive, though sources wouldn't reveal the exact identity of the man other than stating that he was a big celebrity.


The woman is suing the unnamed celebrity for unspecified damages.