Paris Jackson 'On the Mend' After Recent Health Upsets

Paris Jackson is "on the mend" and seeing things in a more positive light following her recent hospitalization.

According to a source who spoke to E! News, Jackson, the 20-year-old daughter of late pop icon Michael Jackson, is ready to move forward and leave the events of the past several weeks behind her as she continues to focus on her own wellbeing and happiness.

"She is really on the mend and is listening to people who are giving her solid direction," the source said. "She's been much more positive lately, so it's great to know she is doing a lot better."

"Everyone is hoping this is going to be a new day for Paris," the source added, referencing the singer and model's upcoming 21st birthday on April 3.

On March 16, Jackson was taken by ambulance to a hospital after she suffered an unspecified accident at her home. Although several news outlets initially reported the hospitalization was a result of a suicide attempt and that the 20-year-old had been placed under a 5150 hold, Jackson herself later denied the claims, stating that they were "lies."

Although the reports were later updated to clarify that Jackson was no longer hospitalized, claims that the hospitalization was the result of an attempted suicide remained.

The hospitalization came just weeks after it had been reported that Jackson had voluntarily sought treatment for her emotional health following a busy year of work engagements that saw her traveling across the world.

Through the rough time, Jackson's boyfriend, her Soundflowers bandmate Gabriel Glenn, has remained by her side.

"[Glenn] is super supportive and understanding about how hard the last few weeks have been for Paris," the source said. "He's been there for her and they have grown closer through this. He's been a constant in her life and she really needs him right now."

Along with spending time with Glenn, the 20-year-old is also surrounding herself with family, including brothers Michael Jr. and Prince, as she takes her "well-being into her own hands."


"Paris Jackson is in a much better head space since her suicide scare...spending time with friends, family and taking advice from people who genuinely care about her," TMZ reported. "Those close to Paris had originally pushed rehab on the 20-year-old — but she refused — and has taken her well-being into her own hands. Family sources tell us Paris is trying to improve her mental and physical health, and open to listening to the folks she trusts. Our sources say Paris is eating better, exercising and working on psychological issues."

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).