Paris Hilton Denies Pregnancy Report in New Podcast Episode

On Tuesday, it was reported that Paris Hilton was expecting her first child with fiancé Carter Reum, however, a few hours after news broke, Hilton took to her podcast This Is Paris to quickly deny there was any bun in her oven. In fact, the socialite admits it caught her off guard as much as the public when she realized she was allegedly pregnant after headlines started popping up everywhere announcing she was going to be a mom. "The only thing in the oven at the moment is my 'sliving lasagna," she confessed.

"I also woke up to about 3,000 texts. All my iPhones are blowing up, all five of them," she explained. "Everyone wishing me congratulations and so happy for me. Heard from people I haven't heard from in years." She then quickly joked that she was actually pregnant with triplets, but then noted it was nothing more than a joke. "I'm just kidding. I am no pregnant. Not yet. I'm waiting until after the wedding."

The 40-year-old then expressed that she's "sick of people making up things" and was quick to remind her listeners that they can't believe everything they read. However, while she may not be a mom-to-be just yet, she is ready to take on the role saying she "can't wait to have children in 2022." In fact, she already has names picked out for both a boy and a girl depending on what she has when she does conceive. "I love London and Paris together. And for my boy, I want to name him after a city or a country or a state as well," Hilton detailed. While she was quick to share a few ideas she has in mind for a baby girl, she wasn't as quick to give away the special one she has picked out for a baby boy.


"I have the name but I'm not going to say it yet. I might keep it a surprise. I don't want anyone stealing my baby name for that one," she confessed. After Reum proposed to Hilton on her 40th birthday, she started the process of IVF because she's determined to have children with her future husband. "I can't wait to have a family with him. It's something that I've really been looking forward to and we've talked about a lot ever since we've been together, just having a family is going to be so exciting and how cute they're going to be, and how fun it's going to be. First the wedding, then the babies."