Pamela Anderson Takes Her First Selfie and It's Worth the Wait

At 50 years old, Pamela Anderson has taken her first selfie — and it was worth the wait.

@voguemagazine made me do it #nyfw @cocodemeruk 1st #selfie ? @viviennewestwood #diary

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The original Baywatch star showed off her fit physique in a black one-piece lingerie set with a dark jacket draped over her shoulders while posing in the mirror for the glamorous selfie.

"[Vogue Magazine] made me do it," she wrote in the caption on Friday. "1st selfie?" Anderson also added the hashtag #nyfw, for New York Fashion Week.

Anderson's followers immediately flooded her comment section with praise for the actress. "You still got it!!" wrote one fan. "Perfection," wrote another.

The steamy selfie may puzzle some of Anderson's die-hard fans who remember her telling W Magazine earlier this summer that she used to think social media was "crap."

"I thought the social media thing was crap, because one time I was offered a movie, but in the contract they said, 'You have so many followers,' this and that, and I said, 'I'm not getting involved with this. This is really bad, and I don't want anything to do with it,'" she told W. "So I threw it all away. But then I started to realize, you can use it for good and I started to kind of slowly get back into it. It's not for personal reasons, but all the things I believe in. That's the difference."

Anderson clarified that she tries to use social media for good, and is currently writing a self-help book.

"I worry about young people whose self-worth is based on how many followers they have or how many likes they have," she said. "That's why I'm writing a book right now called The Sensual Revolution which is about desensitization."


"It's just amazing, the statistics and what people are going through right now, and how young people are experiencing fame in this bizarre way."

The Sensual Resolution is expected to release on January 9, 2018.