Owen Wilson and His Date Allegedly Spark Hotel Evacuation in Florida

Owen Wilson and a blond date reportedly sparked a hotel evacuation in South Beach, Florida after [...]

Owen Wilson and a blond date reportedly sparked a hotel evacuation in South Beach, Florida after setting off the fire alarm.

According to sources for the New York Post, the 49-year-old Wilson was spotted at the Tavern at Hotel Croydon. After the two shared a cigarette by the bathroom, lights started flashing.

"Owen set off the smoke alarm in the hotel by smoking a cigarette near the bathroom," the source said. "The entire hotel was evacuated."

The Post reported that there is video footage, which saw Wilson and his date dancing when the fire alarms go off. The couple left the scene, with Wilson leaving his drink behind and his date continued to smoke. Meanwhile, guests at the hotel were forced to stand in the lobby in their pajamas.

Wilson has two children from different relationships. He and Jade Duell welcomed a son, Robert, in 2011. Three years later, he welcomed another son with Caroline Lindqvist, PEOPLE confirmed in 2014. He has never been married.

Wilson's next movie is the animated film Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin, which co-stars Quvenzhane Wallis, Gerard Butler, James Franco, Whoopi Goldberg, Darryl Hannah and Megan Fox. He also narrated the upcoming Disneynature documentary Dolphins, which opens on April 20.

Last year, Wilson voiced Lightning McQueen again for Pixar's Cars 3 and co-starred in the Oscar-nominated Wonder with Jacob Tremblay.

Despite his recent involvement in animated movies, he is surprisingly not involved with Isle of Dogs, the new film by his friend, Grand Budapest Hotel filmmaker Wes Anderson.

"I don't actually know why I'm not in it," Wilson said in a recent iNews interview. "It's hard to believe that that this kid who was my roommate in Austin now does all these amazing things."

Wilson was also set to take part in his first ever regular TV series role in TBS' Miracle Workers with Daniel Radcliffe. However, he left in January and was replaced by Steve Buscemi. Initially, Wilson would have voiced God, with Radcliffe as an angel who tries to stop the earth from being destroyed.

Last year, Wilson also dealt with tragedy. His father, producer Bob Wilson, died in May 2017 at age 75.

"I've always been very curious about stuff with my parents and grandparents, and I'm pretty good at remembering the stories," Wilson told iNews. "But when it comes down to it, I'm sure there's some stuff that it's probably best not to know about your parents."