Bizarre Film Starring Omarosa Resurfaces Following White House Exit

Omarosa Manigault has stepped into the public spotlight once again following the details surrounding her exit from the White House, but now she's making headlines for an entirely different reason, Page Six reports.

The former cast member of The Apprentice is featured in a campy, low-budget sci-fi short film, "Soul Sistahs."

The bizarre 10-minute movie has a convoluted plot, but seems to be about an intergalactic woman in a housecoat who kidnaps Manigault to try to steal Donald Trump's hair in a supposed get-rich-quick scheme.

The movie was made about 11 years ago, just two years after Manigault was featured on the Trump reality show.

In the video, the villain drugs Manigault via a spiked cake and Manigault then hops on a motorcycle to steal Trump's hair in a showdown on top of the CGI-created Trump Tower.


The movie has just 6,000 views on YouTube and was produced by former In Touch Weekly photo director Michael Todd, tabloid veteran Matt Coppa and his brother, Andrew.

Manigault was let go from her position at the White House this past week after almost a year.