Nicole Kidman Says She and Keith Urban Have Seen Friends Go to 'Hell and Back' Amid COVID Pandemic

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban have not contracted the novel coronavirus themselves, but Kidman told The Daily Telegraph that they have friends who have struggled amid the pandemic. "We've watched friends go to hell and back and have watched the world navigate this together, and I think we are all just going, 'Is this really happening?'" the Oscar winner said.

"Keith and I have that conversation where we go, 'I can't even believe this has happened,'" she continued. Kidman also shared that she, Urban and their two daughters have stayed "healthy and safe." "We just hunkered down and did what we were told," she said.

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Last month, Urban told The Daily Telegraph that he still has "a little PTSD about lockdown." "We’d been in lockdown since March. I was ready to get out and do things, I poured it into that song. I still have a little PTSD about lockdown," he said, referencing his song "Out the Cage" on his new album The Speed of Now Part 1. The family is now in Australia, instead of Nashville, which Urban shared is a major change.

"We're in Byron Bay now and all I can think about is Nashville not that long ago," he said. "I’m like a little caged animal timidly walking around going, 'I don't know about this freedom, this feels a little fishy.'"

Urban returned to Nashville to host the ACM Awards in September and had to quarantine for two weeks when he arrived back in Australia, and Kidman told Marie Claire that they had "never been away from each other this long before."


"It’s hard, so we’re constantly on FaceTime," she said. "That’s our world now – and thank god for it. What would we have done without it?"

While Urban was gone, Kidman asked her sister, Antonia, and her kids, to move in, making things a family affair. "My sister’s staying over and my mum’s helping; I don’t have that help in Nashville so that’s been incredible," she shared. "We never leave the kids, one of us is always there. When Keith went to Nashville and I had to work late nights, I rang Ant and asked her to move in with the girls and she did, and brought along her kids. That’s special. It’s the nature of what we’re all having to do now – you get to be commune-like; this extended family where you’re all raising each other’s kids together. We’ve all had to go back to basics, and this year has required it because people are pleading for help."