Nicolas Cage's Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Abuse

The ex-girlfriend of actor Nicolas Cage has accused him of assault in a new restraining order filing.

The Blast reports Cage's alleged ex Vickie Park is claiming the 54-year-old actor abused her on Sept. 20 following the Slash Film Festival in Austria. He was said to be "severely intoxicated at the time" of the incident. The manner of the abuse is unclear.

The filing comes in a restraining order request filed by Park against Alice Kim, Cage's estranged wife. Park has accused Kim of stalking and harassing her online, and the situation has become so dire that Park is afraid to leave her residence.

A judge denied the immediate request for the restraining order until a hearing later in October.

Cage's representative has not issued a statement about the allegations as of press time.

This is not the first time Cage has been accused of domestic abuse. In April 2011, New Orleans police arrested Cage for domestic abuse battery, disturbing the peace and public intoxication. Witnesses claimed Cage, who appeared to be intoxicated, was abusively grabbing Kim's arm while out in the French Quarter. However, those charges were dropped in May of that same year.

Cage and Kim married in July 2004 and had a son together, named Kal-El, in October 2005. They separated in 2016, but it appears they still have not divorced.

Cage's upcoming projects include a voice role in Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and the thriller Between Worlds. No word on if these allegations will affect his involvement in the projects.

The Oscar winner has been making headlines as of late due the promotion of two of his recent films, Mandy and Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. He also recently revealed that he intends to retire from acting in three or four more years.

"I'm getting back into production," Cage told a journalist at a Puerto Rican press event. "My company, Saturn Films, is involved in all the movies I'm doing now. And directing is something I'd look forward to down the road, because right now I'm primarily a film performer, and I'm going to continue doing that for three or four more years, and I'd like to focus more on directing."


No other details on Park's allegations are available at this time.

Photo Credit: Getty Images for WanderLuxxe / Michael Bezjian