Nicki Minaj Steps out in Low-Cut Top, Leather Mini-Skirt for Fashion Week

Nicki Minaj recently stepped out in New York City for Fashion Week wearing a very low-cut top and leather mini-skirt, and shared the photos to her social media.

In the photos posted to Instagram, the rapper and songwriter can be seen wearing a white top that cuts very low on her chest, as well as a tight black leather mini-skirt. Additionally, she's donning a pair of almost-thigh-high black boots and a furry coat.

"Get out of my shot. You're in my shot. Thank you for having me [MONSE Maison] Loved the show! Coat/Skirt by [MONSE Maison] Boot by [Yves Saint Laurent]," she captioned the photos with hashtag, "NYFW" for New York Fashion Week.

Earlier this year, Minaj surprised fans by sharing a photo of her cuddling up with another rapper on Instagram. In the photo, the 34-year-old and fellow rapper Nas are snuggling up with one another in a restaurant booth.

"Only KINGS recognize QUEENS," Minaj captioned the photo.


Taking a cue from his potential new main squeeze, Nas reposted the photo and added, "Straight Outta Queens!"

Earlier this year, Minaj split from her long-time boyfriend, Meek Mill, who is also a rapper, after Mill started a beef with Minaj's good friend Drake that didn't show the ex in the best light. Nas, on the other hand, has kept his romantic relationships private ever since he went through a messy split in 2010 from his wife Kelis, who is also a performer.