'New Girl' Star Lamorne Morris Put in Handcuffs for Filming Cops Arresting His Friend

Actor Lamorne Morris was arrested on Saturday night as he became furious with police. The New Girl star was outside of a club in Hollywood, California, when police began arresting his friend. In a video published by TMZ, Morris became so angry that he was handcuffed as well.

Morris and his friend were apparently embroiled in an altercation with a security guard on Saturday night. They were at the Avenue nightclub, and as the video began, Morris' friend was already bleeding from the face.

Morris thought that his friend was clearly the victim in this scenario, so he was confused as to why police were arresting him when they arrived. He began filming the whole exchange on his cell phone, which ultimately led to his arrest too.

See the video here.

Another video was shot by a bystander across the street, who saw the whole thing in real time. Morris was following the police around, outraged that his injured friend was being arrested. He held his phone up to record them, which backfired on him before long.

"Now they're arresting me!" the actor yelled as he was man-handled by two officers. At his friends' protests, Morris was turned around and pushed against a wall as he was handcuffed. As the video went on, he continued to argue with police officers, who looked unsympathetic.

Ultimately, Morris was freed, but he was still in a bad mood. He told the cameraman how everything had played out, explaining that he had been cuffed for getting in a police officer's personal space — a charge he scoffed at.

"It's so f—ing whack, man, that's crazy to me," he said. "They walked up to the n— that's bleeding out the mouth, and they put him in handcuffs. And I go, 'Wait, somebody hit him in the mouth!' And they go, 'Well, someone said that he started something.'"

Morris felt that it should have been clear to the police who was instigating the fight, and that he and his friends were trying to remove themselves.

"We are half a block away from the f—ing spot!" he pointed out. "But you ain't questioning nobody else? And the only other person you put in cuffs is the guy recording you? Alright."

When asked if the police questioned him at all, he said they did not. Instead, he was handcuffed just for getting too close to police as they handled his friend.


"Nothing. They just put me in cuffs because he said I ain't give him enough space. He said, 'You didn't give me five feet.' I said, 'Bro, I'm right here! That's ten feet!'"

Morris is best-known for playing Winston Bishop on New Girl, which wrapped up its final season last year. It is unclear whether he was officially arrested on Saturday night.