'NCIS': More Details Come out About What Mark Harmon Allegedly Did to Pauley Perrette

Following a series of fiery tweets late last week, new details have emerged regarding Pauley [...]

Following a series of fiery tweets late last week, new details have emerged regarding Pauley Perrette's feud with her former NCIS co-star Mark Harmon.

The NCIS alum, who had exited the show on controversial terms last year after 15 seasons of portraying eccentric goth Abby Sciuto, had taken to Twitter on Thursday, June 6, to blast the behind-the-scenes events involving Mark Harmon and his rescue dog that she claimed led to her departure from the show.

In the series of tweets, Perrette had doubled down on claims that she was physically assaulted, writing she was "terrified of Harmon and him attacking" her.

(Photo: Twitter / @PauleyP)

Perrette had also shared a photo of the crew member that was injured following the October 2016 incident in which Harmon's rescue dog had attacked them, leaving them with 16 stitches. Perrette claimed that she had "fought like hell to keep it from happening again" and, as a result, was "physically assaulted" and "lost" her job.

(Photo: Twitter / @PauleyP)

According to sources familiar to the situation who spoke to TMZ, Perrette's tweets had not only been referencing the 2016 onset incident, but also a separate 2017 incident in which Harmon "body checked" her while on set. The sources claim that the actress viewed the attack as "payback" and that she "felt it was an attempt to intimidate her after the dog fiasco."

Perrette's feud with Harmon had been sparked following the onset dog attack, which the sources claimed resulted in Perrette "strongly" objecting to the rescue dog being allowed onset. She also allegedly "lobbied CBS to make it happen."

The network eventually agreed to her terms and the dog was only allowed onset if it was leashed and remained in Harmon's trailer. However, after the new rule, Harmon allegedly began to taunt Perrete, who felt that her co-star "only trotted the dog out when she was around."

After that, they filmed few scenes together, and Perrette later announced that she would be leaving the series.

TMZ's sources could not confirm the claim that the actress had "lost" her job due to the behind-the-scenes feud, stating that it is "unclear what she means."

Rumors that the feud had been the reason for her exit were largely prompted after Perrette had launched into a similar rant just days after her departure was announced, writing that "there is a 'machine' keeping me silent and feeding FALSE stories about me." She added that she was "just left here, reading the lies, trying to protect my crew" and claimed in a final tweet hat she left after "multiple physical assaults."

Although CBS had responded to those series of tweets, neither the network not Harmon have responded to the actress' latest accusations.