'NCIS' Alum Pauley Perrette Warns Against 'Many Many' Fake Social Media Accounts Impersonating Her

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette is warning her fans about the 'many many' fake social media [...]

Former NCIS star Pauley Perrette is warning her fans about the "many many" fake social media accounts out there impersonating her, an issue many celebrities face. Perrette, who stars in CBS' upcoming new sitcom Broke, asked fans to report any accounts claiming to be run by her. Perrette only has an official, verified social media account on Twitter,

"Was told AGAIN today that there are MANY MANY fake accounts impersonating me on [Instagram] and [Facebook] GRRRRR #Instagram and #Facebook I AM ONLY ON [Twitter] at @PauleyP. ALL OTHER ACCOUNTS ARE FALSE! Please report them. Thanks y'all!" she wrote on Wednesday.

Perretre later posted screenshots of Instagram pages called "realpauleyp" and "realpauleyperrette," nothing that these are both fake.

"The below pics are TOTALLY FAKE [Instagram] ACCOUNTS! I am sure they're following me here, because they are stealing my pics. CEASE AND DESIST! (Please report them) This [Twitter] account @PauleyP is my ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA."

Fans showed their support for Perrette, noting that many of these fake accounts share the same photos she posts on Twitter moments later.

"Yeeeah I know and I reported," one person wrote. "Still have people that believes that u have Instagram... I remember once here in twitter one fake account your, wanting to convince me it was you, but I know that not was you... bc you is just @PauleyP well, I wish you a wonderful day! I [heart] U!"

"If there isn't a [check] beside her name then don't fall for it.I made that mistake once. Never again," another tweeted.

"These lowlifes do this with all the stars. I always check how many followers, then you know," another pointed out.

Perrette is known for being more open with her fans on Twitter than many other stars. Earlier this week, Perrette claimed her friend was attacked by a man allegedly responsible for several subway assaults in New York City. The man, identified as Isaiah Thompson, was the subject of an Inside Edition report.

"Hey [Daily Mail TV] and [Inside Edition] THE GUY WHO ATTACKED THE GAL ON THE NY SUBWAY ATTACKED MY DEAR FRIEND RANDALL IN AUGUST! They had video and a sketch of him then, and he ALREADY had a record of doing so," Perrette tweeted. "WHY was he still allowed out? That is the question!?!?!"

Perrette starred in NCIS as Abby Sciuto for 15 years before checking out of the series early last year. She has returned to CBS for the sitcom Broke, co-starring Jane the Virgin's Jaime Camil. The series is set to debut in early 2020.

Photo credit: Getty Images