Watch Naya Rivera's Instagram Audition for Steven Spielberg's 'West Side Story' Reboot

Naya Rivera is campaigning for a role as Anita in Steven Spielberg's upcoming revival of West Side Story, and she posted her audition tape on Instagram for all the world to see.

Rivera is not being subtle in her desire for the iconic musical role. She tagged her talent agency in the Instagram post, writing "file was too big to send via email for my audition. Thought I'd try it this way."

"My name is Naya Rivera, I'm five-foot four, and I am singing for the role of Anita," she says confidently at the top of the video. She then belts directly into "America."

The remake was first announced by Vanity Fair in January, along with the casting call for the classic musical. Spielberg is incredibly busy for a 71-year-old director. After a successful Oscar season promoting The Post, his sci-fi adventure Ready Player One comes out at the end of this month.

Now, Spielberg is reportedly looking exclusively for actors and actresses of Latino and Latina descent to play Maria, Anita and Bernardo for a non-white-washed version of the classic musical.

While the casting call was only just released, rumors about Spielberg tackling the drama between the Sharks and the Jets have been circulating since at least 2014. In 2016, he confirmed the project in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, saying that the movie had been on his list of dream projects "for decades."

There's no release date lined up for the movie yet, which is coming from 20th Century Fox. Hopefully, for Rivera's sake, they haven't filled the vital position of Anita yet. The Glee star has been in the headlines a lot these past few months as she deals with a dramatic divorce from her husband, Ryan Dorsey.


Rivera was arrested late last year on domestic battery charges, after she allegedly struck Dorsey while the two were out walking around their neighborhood with their child. Dorsey eventually dropped the charges, but afterward she filed a divorce.

At the time, the actress's friends and family were reportedly very concerned about her. "This is not the first time that their relationship has been violent," an anonymous source told reporters at E! News, "and the fact that she hit her husband and lashed out like that, is very scary to everyone around her."