MTV Alum Andy Milonakis Reveals Father's Death

MTV alum Andy Milonakis has revealed the sad news that his father recently died. In a post on Twitter, the 47-year-old comedian/actor shared a somber post in honor of his late dad, George. No cause of death has been shared at this time.

After informing his fans and followers of the tragic news, Milonakis went on to heavily criticize "the hospitals in Greece" who he says "only care about money." Milonakis then added, "To all the people struggling with loss or sick family members, my thoughts are with you. Life is brutal." Many have since replied to the post with messages of support and sympathy, with one friend tweeting back, "Ah man deepest condolences. He was so cool to hang with drinking Johnny Walker black on the boat to Kythira. Funny guy, had good OG energy. Saw a bit of you in him. So sad, he will be missed. Hearts to the family."

"Very sorry for your loss Andy. Sending my condolences. Unfortunately I had similar issues with the best hospitals here too, even with insurance, so the whole system is unfortunately broken," another person offered, with one more user writing, "Andy... damn man this hurts to hear. Super sorry things went so roughly over there. I'll always remember Papa Milo from my trip last year and was so honored to meet such a character and amazing human."

Sadly, Storage Wars star Rene Nezhoda responded to Milokakis' tweet to share that he too recently lost his father. "Sorry for you loss my friend I lost my dad last night also may they both rest in peace," Nezhoda wrote alongside a memorial photo of his father, Hunter. "Sorry man. We're in the same s—ty boat," Milonakis replied.

Milonakis is most well-known for having his own MTV series, The Andy Milonakis Show. The comedian both created and starred in the sketch-based series, which ran from 2005 to 2007. The majority of the show was filmed in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in New York City, Milonakis' real-life neighborhood. In addition to his TV series, Milonakis is also a hip-hop artist and has appeared in a number of films, such as Waiting... and its sequel Still Waiting, as well as Mac & Devin Go to High School alongside Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. Most recently, Milonakis has started a new streaming career, as well as becoming a podcaster.