MrBeast Drops '$1 Vs $100,000,000 Car' Video

MrBeast drives around in cars worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

MrBeast's videos are seldom unpopular with his fans. The size and scope of each video gradually increase with every installment, as if to make up for the previous one. Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson's latest video shows him driving cars worth $1 to $100 million. With each new vehicle, millions of fans tuned in to see how the video unfolded.

The first car was a rusted chunk of machinery with the hood off. There was so much damage to it that the steering wheel fell off. It was then launched off a cliff as a final goodbye. The video stunts rapidly grew in intensity from this point on. The YouTube star blew up an armored truck, raced with friends in a car on water against a jet-ski, and rode a car in the sky with his friends. In addition, MrBeast decided to give his friends the chance to race cars worth a million dollars each on a race track. They also took a ride in the $10 million Koenigsegg Vader, the world's fastest production car. However, as a final flourish, he got his hands on two cars from a museum worth $30 million and $50 million. And finally, the unveiling of the $100 million car, which is so valuable that only one specific museum representative can drive it. The one bridge they were allowed to go over was closed down and cleaned to show just how precious the vehicle was. 

Elsewhere in the video, famous late-night host Jay Leno gave the vlogger the chance to see a few of his personal cars, including a McClaren F1, before taking him for a drive. Aside from being known for being the host of The Tonight Show on NBC from the early 1990s until 2009, Leno is also an avid car enthusiast. His collection of 181 cars and 160 motorcycles, situated across from the Hollywood Burbank Airport in Los Angeles County, California, is worth over $52 million, according to duPont Registry.

According to Leno, the McLaren F1's V12 carbon fiber engine makes it valuable. With a weight of 2,300 pounds, Leno described it as "extremely light." "Your most modern cars are 4,000 [pounds]," he explained. According to Leno, the car can reach "241 miles an hour, which is still the fastest for a non-turbocharged, non-supercharged car." After explaining the car's value, they took it for a ride.

There are three seats in the McLaren F1, unlike other sports cars that typically only have two. "It's oddly comfortable to have three seats like this," said MrBeast's friend as Leno drove them around. As it turns out, Leno bought the McLaren in 1998, the year MrBeast was born. "I popped out of my mom and he's like, 'Let's celebrate by buying this car,'" MrBeast joked. "Here's the second part — I'm your dad," Leno said in jest.

For the car, Leno said he paid $800,000. "I bought it and people thought, you'll never get your money back. But then it just went up and up and up and up. And now they're $20 million, you know? So it's crazy," Leno said. As MrBeast pointed out, "This car basically made you a million dollars a year, every year you've owned it." MrBeast thanked Leno for his participation and added one last comment before he signed off. "That was perfect," he said.