Morgan Freeman Admits Calling out Lily Tomlin During SAG Award Speech

During his acceptance of the Lifetime Achievement award at the SAG Awards, Morgan Freeman stopped his speech to call someone out and we now know that person was actress Lily Tomlin.

Freeman stopped mid-speech to look directly at someone in the audience and tell them, "I'm talking to you," seemingly because they were talking during his time on stage.

Many speculated on who he could be speaking to but Freeman eventually revealed that it was, in fact, Tomlin, as reported by TMZ.

"Okay, well you just stand out to me. That's all," the legendary actor said before continuing his speech.

Following the show, Freeman spoke to reporters and said, "She's a wonder in herself and I've always loved her. I see her, I say hello," which suggests that she may not actually have been distracting him but that he just wanted to acknowledge her.

Tomlin was attending the SAG Awards because she was nominated for her role on the Netflix Original Series Grace & Frankie, in which she co-stars with Jane Fonda.

Interestingly, the two women were nominated against one another at the 2017 Emmy's in the Best Comedy Actress category.

Recalling the moment they found out, Tomlin said, "I hadn't even heard about nominations because I go in at 5 a.m. to get fitted for my wig. Jane [Fonda] and I have a makeup trailer that shares a door, and she comes in and opens the door and says 'Hey! We both got nominated.' "

This was the first time that Fonda was nominated for her role in the series, but the third time that Tomlin was.

"It is difficult when there are two title characters and one gets nominated, one doesn't. Everyone was going, 'Oh, poor Jane,' but that is not how I felt," Fonda said.

"Both Lily and I feel strongly that we really want to do and love doing this show because we know it is not often that older women are given a platform to be multidimensional and funny and sad and weird," she added.

Lastly, Tomlin joked about their stiff Emmy competition, saying, "We are hoping that we both skunk Julia [Louis-Dreyfus] out by a hair and we win by a tie."

Coincidentally, Julia Louis-Dreyfus did win the award for her role in the HBO series Veep.


All four seasons of Grace and Frankie are currently streaming on Netflix.