Tom Brady Shares Look Behind the Scenes of New Movie With Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Lily Tomlin, Sally Field

The filming of the movie about Tom Brady and his Super Bowl run during the 2016 season is officially underway. This week, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback posted a photo of himself with Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Lily Tomlin and Sally Field. The four actresses are starring in the film 80s for Brady, which is about a group of friends who take a road trip to see the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. 

"80 For Brady!," Brady wrote in the caption of the post. "So grateful for these legendary women and the entire team that's working to bring this story to life. How many times do you think I had to call for my lines?" Brady is starring in the film as himself and is also an executive producer. In March, Fonda talked about how Brady sent her flowers after she had her shoulder replaced. 

"He sent me a humongous thing of orchids because I had my shoulder replaced. I think it's going to last forever ... the shoulder and the orchids," Fonda said while arriving Saturday at the Lo Máximo Awards, per PEOPLE. Tomlin was with Fonda and said she wants flowers from Brady and knows how to get them. 

"I'm gonna get my shoulder replaced so he'll send me some," Tomlin said. Both Tomlin and Fonda star in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. They also starred in the 1980 film 9 to 5 with Dolly Parton. Fonda has won two Academy Awards in her career. Her first Oscar came in 1971 when she won Best Actress for Klute. She won the same award in 1978 for her role in Coming Home. Tomlin has won two Tony Awards, a Grammy Award and six Emmy Awards in her career. 

Moreno is known for her role as Anita in the 1961 film West Side Story and won an Academy Award for her role. She appeared in the 2021 version of the movie and played the role of Valentina. Moreno has also won a Grammy Award, two Emmy Awards and a Tony Award. Field has won two Academy Awards, three Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards in her career. She has starred in films such as Smokey and the Bandit. Norma Rae, Steel Magnolias, Forrest Gump and Mrs. Doubtfire