'Modern Family' Star Ariel Winter's Cousin Hospitalized for Serious Illness

Ariel Winter is asking fans for help after her cousins was hospitalized for a mysterious illness.

The Modern Family star shared a GoFundMe campaign started by a friend of Tino Tsutras to help cover his medical costs and living expenses after he was rushed to the hospital on April 5.

"this is my cousin Tino. If you can, please consider donating to his recovery fund. Anything helps. I love him so much," Winter wrote alongside the link to the post on Monday, April 8, adding two broken heart emojis.

Shortly after, the actress shared the link once again along with photos of herself with Tsoutras, including a few selfies.

Some fans of the actress took issue with her request, wondering why she didn't just donate all the money for the GoFundMe given her success.

"No offense but like you obviously have the money if not all of it some of it to help your cousin so why are you asking your fans for the money," One Twitter user responded.

Winter responded to the bold fans, writing: "Thanks for your sh—y response to my sick cousin. What makes you think I'm not? Love assumptions! [By the way]— if someone isn't able to donate, then I absolutely wouldn't want them to. His friend created the gofundme so I will of course share for my cousin like anyone else would."

According to the campaign details page, Trustas was hospitalized for a mysterious illness, though it is "suspected [to be ] either Meningitis or Encephalitis."

"Since Friday they have been running non-stop tests. Recently, the doctors have determined that it/was something called Haemophilus Influenzae which could have led to untreatable and deadly bacterial Meningitis," the description read.

"Haemophilus influenzae, a type of bacteria, can cause many different kinds of infections. These infections range from mild ear infections to severe diseases, like bloodstream infections."

Winter's cousin is reportedly out of the ICU, but is still under close monitoring. He is seemingly doing much better.

"Tino will be out of work for sometime until he is fully diagnosed and able to physically return to the workforce," the description reads. "In an effort to help with his living expenses and other needed items, while he is unable to work, let's come together as family and friends to help our dear friend not have to worry about money as he tries to recover!"

Winter returned to Twitter Tuesday to clap back at followers criticizing her for sharing the GoFundMe page, which has since surpassed its $15,000 goal with more than $17,000 already donated.


"I'm shocked at how many people have sent me hate tweets about my cousin instead of a simple, kind message showing him some love and support," Winter wrote. "Nothing else needed to be done aside from that. I re-posted a gofundme that my cousin's friend made just as anyone else would. Hurtful."

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