Millie Bobby Brown Pays Tribute to March for Our Lives Rally With Kids' Choice Awards Outfit

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown paid tribute to the victims of the Parkland, Florida shooting and the March for Our Lives protests with her Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards jacket.

The 14-year-old tweeted a picture of her Calvin Klein jean jacket, which had "March for Our Lives" written across the back shoulders. A list of the 14 students and three teachers filled at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was printed along the center. She also had "Never Again" printed above her front left pocket.

"Thank you to all the fans who voted for me and for Stranger Things at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards today," Brown wrote. "A big [hands folded emoji] also to my friends at Calvin Klein for being such a champion of important causes and efforts to create positivity in this world."

Brown, who won the Favorite TV Actress award at the Kids' Choice Awards for Stranger Things, added the hashtags #MarchForOurLives and #NeverAgain.

"Thank you so much for this award, and to Nickelodeon for bringing us all together," Brown said when she accepted her award. "As we saw a moment ago, the March for Our Lives demonstrations that took place all over the world today have inspired me and impacted us all in one way or another."

She continued, "But more than anything, I get to be up here, and I'm privileged to have a voice that can be heard, one that I can use to hopefully make a positive difference and help influence change. OK, so there's an amazing support, love and kindness in this room right now, and I want to encourage everyone to embrace it and to pass it on. For the angels among us, your spirit lives on. This is for you."

Brown was just one of the many celebrities who showed support for the March for Our Lives protest. Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Demi Lovato and Common performed in Washington, D.C., where many of the survivors of the Parkland shooting spoke. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, George and Amal Clooney, Jimmy Fallon, Noah Cyrus, Steven Spielberg, Dennis Rodman and Ariana Grande were also in Washington, D.C. Paul McCartney attended a march in New York City, where he paid tribute to the late John Lennon.

During her speech, survivor Emma Gonzalez stood silent for six minutes and 20 seconds, the amount of time it took for the 19-year-old gunman to shoot and kill 17 people. She also read the names of the victims.


"Since the time that I came out here, it has been six minutes and 20 seconds," Gonzalez said. "The shooter has ceased shooting, and will soon abandon his rifle, blend in with the students as they escape, and walk free for an hour before arrest. Fight for your lives before it's someone else's job."

Photo credit: Twitter/ Calvin Klein