Miley Cyrus 'Fan' Tries to Kiss Her While She and Liam Hemsworth Leave Barcelona, Spain Hotel

Miley Cyrus was leaving her hotel in Spain over the weekend when she was grabbed by a fan who attempted to kiss her as she and husband Liam Hemsworth were leaving their Barcelona hotel.

Cyrus and Hemsworth had to walk to a crowd of fans to get to their car, and it was as they were making their way through the crowd that a male fan reached out to grab Cyrus, grabbing her hair before putting his arms around her and attempting to kiss her.

A video of the moment shows the singer trying to duck out of the way before her security realized what was happening and separated her from the fan. Hemsworth also realized something was amiss and reached back to put an arm around his wife.

The interaction was clearly inappropriate as no one should ever be touched without their consent, whether the person in question is a celebrity or not. Cyrus' fans clearly agreed, with many expressing their outrage at the man's actions.

Cyrus was in Barcelona to perform at Primavera Sound Festival on Friday night, with the 26-year-old using her set to perform tracks from her new EP, She Is Coming.

It was also in Barcelona that Hemsworth claimed his title as the newest celebrity Instagram husband, posting a pair of photos he took of his wife in her dressing room at Primavera.

"Girls got talent," Hemsworth captioned one photo of Cyrus wearing a pair of massive black sunglasses as a bright light shined behind her. "She might just make it...WOW to the awesome dude (me) for taking such an incredible photo. #husbandgoals ;)."

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 8.48.53 AM (2)
(Photo: Instagram / @liamhemsworth)

The second post was another solo shot of Cyrus in the same ensemble, her mouth slightly open as she held her tongue between her teeth.


In the caption, Hemsworth joked, "I’d say there’s a 48% chance I’m actually the BEST photographer ever."

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(Photo: Instagram / @liamhemsworth)

Photo Credit: Getty / Jo Hale