Miley Cyrus Bashes 'Racist, Sexist' President Donald Trump

Miley Cyrus is giving her opinion of President Donald Trump, and her thoughts are far from positive.

Cyrus weighed in on Trump's past actions in Vanity Fair's latest cover story, revealing that the now POTUS called to congratulate her following that infamous 2013 MTV Video Music Awards performance. That appearance saw Cyrus twerk and dance with Robin Thicke while sporting a revealing skin-tone outfit. Trump told her he "loved" the racy display.

"And now he's our president," Cyrus said, apparently letting out a sigh afterwards.

She then addressed her vow to leave the U.S. if Trump was elected. She obviously did not follow through with that plan, but explains why she would make such a major claim.

"You know, I said I would move away if he became president. We all said a bunch of s— we didn't mean," she said. "Because we really thought: Maybe people will listen. Maybe people actually realize how detrimental this will be to our f—ing country if this happens. Obviously they didn't. But for me to move away — what the f— is that going to change? As someone who is so proud of being an activist, am I going to feel proud of myself just running away from, and leaving everyone else here to live under, a completely racist, sexist, hateful assh—? You can't leave everyone else to fend for themselves."

The pop star also touched on some of the political symbols and references in the music video for the Mark Ronson collaboration "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart." She noted that it seems like the realms of popular culture and politics are more intertwined than ever, and cited Trump's celebrity status before his election as proof.

"I love when pop culture and politics meet," she said. "I think they're not always married completely happily. They challenge each other. But I think especially in this time, pop culture and politics are the same f—ing thing. Especially with the president that we have right now. We've made a celebrity our f—ing president. People listen to what celebrities have to say more than activists half the time. So, by having that platform, what the f— are you going to say?"


President Trump has not reacted to Cyrus' criticisms as of press time, nor her claim that he called her to compliment her VMA performance.

Photo Credit: RCA Records