MGK's New Tattoo Looks Beyond Painful

Machine Gun Kelly added a new piece of art to his body and it looks painful. The singer took to his Instagram to show fans the new ink he got, and included a video, letting them know his neck was about to look different. The 30-year-old had a red line drawn down the center of his throat, and while the video may have seemed a little cringe-worthy to some onlookers, he didn't seem phased by it.

"Bye bye neck," he captioned the photos and video. The first image shows the tattoo in its completed phase, however, it does look a little confusing at first because it's a shade of bright red, almost looking like a slit down his throat. However, it appears the bright red line is what he was going for. Several of his fans flooded the comment section with their support for the new tattoo, with one posting, "Fire," while another echoed, "Wow love it!" Several others mentioned they initially thought it was an actual wound on his neck.

It wasn't long ago he dedicated the same area of his body to his girlfriend Megan Fox when he wore a drop of her blood around his neck on a necklace. After featuring her in his music video for "My Bloody Valentine" he went ahead and made another gesture of love when he wore the necklace and told fans exactly what it meant. When he revealed that to fans on Valentine's Day, it didn't take long before Fox's estranged husband, Brian Austin Green, was asked about the situation and he kept his answer simple, saying, "I don't have thoughts."

After filing for divorce in 2020, Fox reportedly wants out of their marriage, but sources are saying that Green isn't making it easy. "Brian is definitely not making it easy or doing things quickly," a source told Elle. "Megan would like to wrap it up and get it finished as quickly as possible, but Brian is not exactly working with her on that." Although news broke in 2020 that they were going their separate ways, the two quietly split the year before in 2019. Sources say she waited to file for divorce because "they needed to has out custody and figure everything out. It's been in the works, and this was always her plan." The source continued to tell E!, "As soon as they wrapped it up and the papers were in order, she filed."