Mel B Channels 2000 Album Cover, Takes a Stand Against Domestic Violence on Instagram

Mel B posted a strong message against domestic violence on her Instagram page Thursday while also sharing a selfie reminiscent of the album cover for 2000's Hot.

"Don't let anyone EVER break your soul down disrespect you and laugh behind your back," the 42-year-old former Spice Girl wrote in the caption. "Stand strong on your own 2 feet like the goddess you are. There are people out there unfortunately that lie and would love to see you fail and will do anything in there power to make sure it happens, never give them the satisfaction of doing so. Stay strong in your truth and stay real and passionate in your heart and soul, coz nothing NOTHING can break that inside you. That's you. That's your strength god gave you. Just hold your head up high breath and let karma do all the work,trust and believe she will!!!"

Mel B added the hashtags #stopdomesticviolence, #stopmentalabuse, #stopgaslighting, #stophumantrafficking and #stopdaterapedrugging.

The America's Got Talent host has shared several other photos from her Hawaiian vacation this past week, notes The Daily Mail. Many of the post have included her daughters, Phoenix, 18, Angel, 10 and Madison, 6.

The post also comes as Mel B is in the middle of a difficult divorce from her second husband, Stephen Belafonte. Mel B claimed Belafonte had an affair with a nanny, Lorraine Gilles, which he denied. She later got restraining orders against Gilles and Belafonte, and claimed Belafonte was physically abusive towards her.


Last month, TMZ obtained legal documents in which Mel B claimed Belafonte and Gilles came up with a phony marriage scheme to keep Gilles in the country and steal money from the singer. Gilles married another man, Michael Beau, but Mel B claims this was a sham. The documents also included part of a deposition, in which Gilles admits to having sex with Belafonte multiple times, including around the time she had an abortion. She claimed the child wasn't Belafonte's.

Mel B has also accused Gilles and Belafonte of trying to use sex tapes to blackmail her.