Meghan Markle's Sister Samantha Reportedly Put on 'Fixated Persons' List by Scotland Yard

Samantha Markle, the estranged half-sister of Meghan Markle, was reportedly put on a "fixated persons" list by Scotland Yard. However, Markle denied the news by bashing "fake news" media on Twitter.

The Daily Mail reported earlier Sunday that the Duchess of Sussex's protection offers were briefed by Scotland Yard detectives because of the "damage Samantha could cause" the Royal Family's reputation.

"Someone like Samantha presents a risk rather than a threat. She is not committing criminal offences, but she is causing concerns for the royal family," a Scotland Yard source told the Sunday Times. "There is big potential for some major embarrassment for the royals. Samantha could make a scene and create headlines with her actions — and let's face it she's kind of already done that."

However, the Metropolitan Police told the Daily Mail they "do not confirm the identity of any person who may or may not be of interest to police unless that person has been charged with an offence."

Markle, 53, responded to the reports by suggesting her freedom of speech is being suppressed.

samantha markle freedom of speech tweet 1
(Photo: Twitter/Samantha Markle)

"This is ridiculous you don’t silence somebody by making an example out of them and sensationalizing circumstances by disparaging them. Sorry you don’t infringe on freedom of speech especially when I talk about my life," Markle told one Twitter follower. "There should be a written constitution in the UK that protect individuals for freedom of speech. All I’ve asked is that my sister be good to our father."

She later wrote, "I see in papers now that I am on some security list because I am an embarrassment. This is a British media attempt at silencing me when all I’ve done is advocate for the kind treatment of our dad and point out truth. You don’t silence me."

samantha markle freedom of speech tweet 2
(Photo: Twitter/Samantha Markle)

Markle claims the only reason why it appears that she is "fixated" with her sister is because she continues to speak out on her father Thomas Markle's behalf.

"#Fake was #FreedomOfSpeech... And you don’t make an example out of me and label me as fixated because you don’t like what I say especially since my speech is the truth and advocates for doing the right thing. We don’t live in the dark ages folks," she wrote over a series of tweets.

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(Photo: Twitter/Samantha Markle)

In another message, she said it was media outlets who came to her, not the other way around.

"I will re-iterate that the media came to me I did not go to the media so if anyone is fixated it is the people who are interested in stories that create interview requests #truth," she wrote.

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(Photo: Twitter/Samantha Markle)

During the Christmas season, Markle continued her criticisms of the Duchess of Sussex. In a Christmas card written to the Duchess, Markle asked her to "end the rift" with their father.

"The Holidays are a time for family and are sentimental. As you know, Dad has been trying to contact you and is very hurt because you are avoiding him," Markle wrote in the card, published by The Mirror. "Life is short and you know Dad is wonderful. Please give him joy in his last years by showing that you love him. The time is NOW. Please think about this."


On Christmas Day, Markle shared her disgust with her famous sister on Twitter after seeing photos of Meghan walking to church with other members of the Royal Family.

“I’ve never seen anyone so rude and hurtful and heartless and absent a soul in my life,” Markle tweeted. ”[Meghan Markle] shame on you for what you have done to our father. No PR machine can fix this. I retract the merry Christmas, you don’t deserve it. How dare you walk into a church.”