Meghan Markle's Best Friend Slams 'Racist Bullies' Amid Private Jet Critcism

Jessica Mulroney is coming to her best friend Meghan Markle’s defense as controversy continues to swirl regarding the new royal and her husband Prince Harry’s carbon footprint. After the royals sparked backlash thanks to their use of private jets, Mulroney took to Instagram to share a Twitter thread from Jameela Jamil, who slammed the couple’s critics.

“Ugh. Dear England and English press, just say you hate her because she’s black, and him for marrying a black woman and be done with it God dammit,” Jamil wrote in part. “Your bullying is so embarrassing and obvious. You’ve all lost your marbles. It’s 2019. Grow up.”

Jamil went on to add that flying via private jet is a necessity, as “it’s not safe for us to be on the same planes as royals or presidents you absolute muppets. They are prime targets for kidnap and sometimes assassination. It’s in the interest of us civilians to not be endangered by proximity to people in such powerful positions.”

Shortly after, Mulroney shared the string of tweets on her Instagram Stories, adding her own comment on a separate post in which she slammed “racist bullies.”

“When someone faces unfair criticism, you call it out. When that person is your friend and your family, you call those critics what they truly are,” she wrote. “Shame on you, you racist bullies.”

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3 years of undeserved hate and abuse. It’s enough.

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Although the backlash began anew earlier this month after the royal couple and their son Archie took a vacation to Elton John's home in Nice, France, using the musician’s private jet for the trip, the controversy isn’t entirely new. Earlier this year, the couple’s Instagram plea to “help save the planet” stoked the flames after a report published shortly before the post showed the Royal Family’s large carbon footprint.

According to the report, the Royal Family’s CO2 emissions for business travel rose from 1,687 tons in 2018 to 3,344 tons in 2019, a 98 percent increase. Their greenhouse emissions rose by 3 percent to 8,393 tons, the Daily Mail reports, due to an increase in the use of “chartered large fixed-wing aircraft for foreign business travel.”

However, despite that the entire Royal Family is responsible for the CO2 emissions, as they all partake in private jet travels, the recent backlash has almost entirely solely surrounded the Sussexes, which has sparked yet another controversy, this one regarding how the press and the public as a whole views and covers the couple.

Responding to the controversy, Elton John claimed that he was “deeply distressed" by the reports and slammed the "distorted and malicious" comments being directed at Harry and Markle.

“I am deeply distressed by today’s distorted and malicious account in the press surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s private stay at my home in Nice last week,” he wrote in part, adding that “To maintain a high level of much-needed protection, we provided them with a private jet flight.”


“I highly respect and applaud both Harry and Meghan’s commitment to charity and I’m calling on the press to cease these relentless and untrue assassinations on their character that are spuriously crafted on an almost daily basis," the "Tiny Dancer" singer concluded.

Harry and Markle have not yet responded to the criticism, and the Royal Family has not issued a statement.