MC Hammer's Cheetos Super Bowl 2020 Ad Offers Humor to Celebrate for 30th Anniversary of 'U Can't Touch This'

MC Hammer made a return at Super Bowl LIV to celebrate the hit he created 30 years ago, "U Can't Touch This." Fans across the board still rock to the tune and he left the door open for new fans with his Super Bowl commercial appearance during the big game.

The California native was featured in a Cheetos ad that was teased a week or two before the game, using his famous song "U Can't Touch This" in the background as it showed different people eating a bag of Cheetos and dealing with the consequences. The kicker for the ad was the man eating the cheesy snack couldn't help those around him complete tasks like file papers, move a couch, and help spot a friend bench-pressing, all due to the Cheetos cheese sticking on his fingertips. Tying it all together in each scene was MC Hammer himself, showing up with the line "can't touch this" as those in need look on in desperation.

In an exclusive interview with, Hammer expressed flattery that the company, who hasn't aired a Super Bowl ad in over a decade, wanted their comeback to celebrate his song and feature him throughout.

"It's exciting! I'm having a lot of fun with it," he shared. "When they approached me and [said], 'Hey, Hammer, how would you like to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 'U Can't Touch This' along with Cheetos?' I thought that was a fantastic idea. And the concept for the commercial, it had me laughing."

He added, "That's what I'm about, good times and some good laughs. So, I thought it was great and I'm just elated with the way the actual commercial turned out."

As for the actual game itself, Hammer, who's from the Bay Area, made it clear he was rooting for the 49ers, even though he's an Oakland Raiders fan. While he was in for disappointment when the game was over, that wasn't the last football topic open for discussion.

It's not a secret that the Raiders will be making a move to Las Vegas, officially changing their name and making the move at the end of this season, and he shared his thoughts on whether he's for or against the move.

"I now have an official reason, being a married man, to go to Las Vegas eight times a year because I'm supporting my Raiders," he confessed. "And hey, I didn't move them, and I certainly didn't move them to Vegas, but that's where they are!"

Hammer also laid out a few emotional words about Kobe Bryant upon learning the devastating news of the NBA icon's passing, saying, "My thoughts are with Kobe's family and his friends, and of course the fans of the Los Angeles Lakers ... and the families of all the other people who have lost a loved one from the accident."

"Kobe was obviously, you see him — rest in peace to his beautiful daughter — you see him with his kids and he was a very loving father and a very giving father. It touches us on many levels beyond sports, and there are certain people God put on the planet that move and touch the planet and Kobe was one of those special people and to lose him is very difficult on many levels," he added.


Photo credit: Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU.