Mat George, 'She Rates Dogs' Podcast Co-Host, Dead at 26

Podcaster Mat George died on Friday night, his followers learned this weekend. George was best [...]

Podcaster Mat George died on Friday night, his followers learned this weekend. George was best known as the co-host of the She Rates Dogs podcast, and his co-host Michaela Okland broke the news of his death on Twitter. George was apparently hit by a car while walking in Los Angeles, California. He was 26 years old.

"I would rather you guys [hear] this from me than a news article," Okland tweeted on Saturday afternoon. "Mat was killed in a hit and run last night. I don't really have any other words right now. I wish I could contact everybody who knows him personally but the news is already out and I just can't do it right now." Okland got a swarm of responses, mostly shock and condolences, as well as fellow mourners singing George's praises.

Sources at the Los Angeles Police Department told Today that George was walking in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of L.A. at the time of the crash — about 2:30 a.m. Police believe the car that hit him was a white BMW, and that it was heading eastbound on Beverly Boulevard. It did not stop after hitting George.

Beyond that, no details have been released, and police say the investigation is ongoing. However, they ask that anyone who believes they have information relevant to the accident to contact them at 213-473-0234, or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

George and Okland gained a following fast for their podcast, in which they read listener-submitted stories about ex-boyfriends — "dogs" — and riffed on what they heard. George was renowned for his quick wit and biting turns of phrase on the show, which has 49 episodes available now. It is not clear what the future holds for She Rates Dogs.

George was also beloved on social media in general, where he mastered the art of conveying sarcasm without intonation. Fans are still posting their tributes to him on Twitter and Instagram.

"Never met him in person, but he was always a bright spot on my timeline," one person tweeted. "His vulnerability and humor made me feel a little more at home in my own skin. This is tragic news and I'm sorry for such a sudden loss of what seemed like an incredible guy."

"I didn't know Mat personally but he was without a doubt one of the funniest, kindest people on this app," Added another. "His humor, smile, and general positivity and happiness were absolutely infectious and every time he posted I could count on a good laugh. Praying for his family and friends."