'Masked Singer': Jamie Foxx Stokes Rumors That He's the Leopard

The Masked Singer is back for season two and the guessing game has begun as to who might be under which mask. Fans will know from last season that some voices sound more familiar than others and between the clues, mannerisms and accents, sometimes it makes it easy to guess and sometimes it makes it that much more challenging. But this season, Leopard has a familiar voice and judges and fans alike think the talented singer underneath the disguise might be Jamie Foxx.

Of course, the celebrities themselves are not allowed to give fans any clues that it might be them, in fact, according to Dr. Drew Pinsky who was just eliminated as the Eagle, will be the first to tell fans how undercover they have to be when on the show.

However, Foxx did tease followers a bit when he took to Twitter to confuse fans even more.

While the judges Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Nichole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong haven't disagreed that Leopard could be Foxx, Jeong threw out the idea that Foxx might be under the Fox mask, which he says would be hilarious.

Pinsky was eliminated two weeks ago and recently detailed the length the producers go to to keep their identities protected until they remove the mask. At first, he only told his wife Susan when he signed up to be on the popular singing competition. After his kids started wondering why vocal coaches were going to their house three times a week, he was forced to tell them but couldn't do so without them signing a non-disclosure agreement.

"The moment you leave your front door you're in a hoodie and a mask," he told ET. "They won't let you show skin, you have white clothes on so they don't know what race you are or anything, and you're not allowed to speak."


"They started showing up three days a week," he said of the vocal coaches. "[And my son] said, 'What's going on here?' I went, 'Sign this non-disclosure agreement and then I'll tell you. [The producers] are pretty clear that if it leaks anywhere, get the [NDA] out and make them sign."

Host Nick Cannon has even mentioned several times throughout the first and second season that he doesn't even know who is under each mask, only validating what Pinsky said about how secretive their identities are.