Marilyn Manson: Arrest Warrant Issued for Rocker Amid Recent Controversies

Police officers in New Hampshire have issued a warrant for Marilyn Manson's arrest and claim he's not cooperating with Gilford PD. He's facing two counts of misdemeanor simple assault for a 2019 incident where he spit in the face of the cameraman after hawking a loogie in his lens.

It's clear the move was meant to be a concert stunt. The cameraman's equipment was hooked to the large screen, so the act was shown to the entire crowd watching at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion. Police confirm that the worker was hired by the venue.

Gilford PD says the man was unharmed in the encounter, but they're still going after Manson because the spitting was deemed "unprivileged physical contact." Officers allege that Manson, his agent, and the rest of his team have known about the warrant for his arrest for quite some time, but "no effort has been made by him to return to New Hampshire to answer the pending charges." According to TMZ, Manson's team claims the opposite, asserting that they have been in contact with the police department since the warrant was issued in 2019.


As it stands, Manson's already in a load of legal troubles unrelated to the spit stunt. After being publicly accused of grooming and sexual assault by Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood, a series of women have come forward to also accuse him of various acts of sexual misconduct. Most recently, his former assistant Ashley Walters has launched a lawsuit against the musician. In documents, she claims the was subjected to a myriad of abuse and disturbing comments like boasting about getting away with rape, telling her he wanted to kill some of the women he was seeing. She claims she was subjected to his numerous fits of drug-induced anger. Game of Thrones actress Esme Bianco has also filed a separate lawsuit against the artist. She claims she was drugged, tortured, and sexually assaulted during her time with the 52-year-old.