Maren Morris Comments on Candace Cameron Bure 'Traditional Marriage' Controversy

Maren Morris has something to say about Candace Cameron Bure's controversial "traditional marriage" remark. Bure made headlines after she said that GAC Family would focus on "traditional marriage" and wouldn't feature LGBTQ representation. Morris didn't hold back her feelings on Bure's comments when addressing the situation via social media. 

As Entertainment Tonight noted, Morris responded to a post from Matt Berstein, who criticized the Full House star for her recent comments. Bernstein's post read, "You went decades without ever having to see an LGBTQ character on screen. Now, we're in 1 out of 5 movies. Sorry if this disturbs you. Sending thoughts and prayers." In response to his message, Morris referenced Bure's character on Full House, DJ Tanner. She commented, "Make DJ Gay Again." 

Bure, who is GAC Family's chief content officer, recently caused a stir when she told Wall Street Journal Magazine that the network would tackle things differently than the Hallmark Channel, her former employer. She told the outlet that the Christian conservative network would focus on "traditional marriage at the core" instead of featuring LGBTQ couples. In the same interview, GAC Family chief Bill Abbott dismissed LGBTQ representation as a "trend." Understandably, many in Hollywood, including JoJo Siwa and Hilarie Burton Morgan, took Bure to task over her comments. The backlash prompted Bure to speak out. While she did publish a statement in which she said that she didn't mean to "offend or hurt anyone," she did not contradict what she said to WSJ Magazine

"I had also expressed in my interview, which was not included, that people of all ethnicities and identities have and will continue to contribute to the network in great ways both in front of and behind the camera, which I encourage and fully support," she wrote, in part. "I've never been interested in proselytizing through my storytelling, but in celebrating God's greatness in our lives through the stories I tell." This situation even prompted the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) to issue a statement to ET in which they shared that advertisers should take note of the message that GAC Family is pushing. Their statement read, "If GAF's plan is to intentionally exclude stories about LGBTQ couples, then actors, advertisers, cable and streaming platforms, and production companies should take note and seriously consider whether they want to be associated with a network that holds exclusion as one of its values."