Madonna Ends up Deleting Bizarre Bathtub Video With Coronavirus Message

After facing backlash on social media for her comments regarding the coronavirus pandemic, Madonna has deleted the Instagram post in which she referred to the outbreak as "the great equalizer." The 61-year-old pop star had initially shared the post with her 14.9 million followers Sunday night, though it had disappeared from her profile by Tuesday morning, according to iHeartRadio.

In the video clip, Madonna had discussed her thoughts on the pandemic, which has infected more than 395,000 people globally and killed more than 17,000, as she sat in a milky bath sprinkled with rose petals and surrounded by candles, solemn piano music playing in the background. The post was immediately slammed as being "privileged" and "out of touch" by many social media users.

"That's the thing about COVID-19, it doesn't care about how rich you are or how famous you are, how funny you are, how smart you are, where you live, how old you are, what amazing stories you can tell," Madonna said in the clip. "It's the great equalizer, and what's terrible about it is what's great about it. What's terrible about it is it's made us all equal in many ways – and what's wonderful about it is it's made us all equal in many ways."

"Like I used to say at the end of 'Human Nature' every night, we are all in the same boat," she said. "And if the ship goes down, we're all going down together."

The pop star had captioned the post, "No discrimination – Covid-19! [quarantine] [COVID-19] [stay safe]."

Although she has not yet directly responded to the criticism the video sparked, she hasn't abandoned social media altogether. Over the past days, the singer has kept fans in the loop as she practices social distancing with her "Quarantine diary" posts.

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"COVID-19 will definitely make me a more tolerant person," she says in part in her latest entry.

"What I really miss, and this is true, is being able to talk in front of an audience," she continues. "Be funny in front of an audience every night. Making people laugh every night is fun. Another luxury gone…for now. The audience in my house is not amused by me, as far as I can tell."