Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: Al Roker Gets 'Revenge' on 'Butter Man' in Hilarious Photo

After trying his hardest to avoid the highest of butterfats during holiday meals with family this week, Today Show host Al Roker’s playful “brawl” with an individual dressed as a pesky stick of butter that generated social media buzz during the 93rd annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has come to a hilarious conclusion with the NBC personality finally getting his “revenge.”

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In a post shared to his Instagram and Twitter on Friday morning, Roker admitted to fans and followers that he got the “last laugh on butterman,” an individual who dressed up during the festivities as a stick of butter. In the first slide, a GIF can be seen of the NBC broadcast showing Roker playfully shoving the stick of butter, followed by a snapshot of his day-after breakfast consisting of hard-boiled eggs with a jammy center and a brick of butter.

“Yolk’s on him. Well, other way around. Hahahahaha,” Roker wrote maniacally on the post that garnered a slew of LOL’s and laughing emojis.

“Kind of ironic since butter is keto!” wrote one fan on Instagram.

“Love that schtick!!!” added another alongside laughing emojis.

“Best moment of the parade,” another fan wrote.

“[Oh my God] [Roll on the floor laughing]!!!! My favorite part of the day. Al you make my whole family laugh so hard. We missed seeing you on our trip to NYC this summer,” wrote another.

Many took to Twitter to also share how the schtick was one of their favorite moments from the spectacular New York City parade as well.

“Start spreading the news…!!!” joked another.

“Did you apologize to [butter guy] yet? Ha ha! We want to know who the guy is! Please get him on [TODAY Show]! I love that guy! He’s great!” asked another.

Variety reports that “butter man” is also known as Donny Willis, a pastor at Westchester Church in New York. While he had no intention to photobomb Roker, Willis admits he had “no idea that this was going to be a thing. At all.”

Willis was recruited as a volunteer for one of Macy’s “Breakfast Clowns” in the parade and didn’t know what costume he’d be wearing until he showed up at the staging area earlier that morning.

As seen in the broadcast and generating much attention on social media, Roker playfully shoved Willis away the first time after barreling into the TV reporter’s live standup shot.

“Get out of here, ya butter,” Roker smiled as Willis shouted into the camera, “Happy butter Thanksgiving.” Later in the broadcast as Roker was riding in the sidecar, Willis came once again running alongside him to yell “We’re buttering you up. Butter your turkey, butter your ham.”


Somewhat agitated, Roker turned to the camera and quipped: “And that’s why everybody loves clowns.”

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