Lori Loughlin Reportedly Focused on Saving Marriage After Prison Stay

Lori Loughlin is "determined" to save her marriage after her husband Mossimo Giannulli was released from prison. The fashion designer spent five months behind bars and is said to have taken a significant toll on him. One source says while he's not seeking sympathy, it was enough to make him re-evaluate a lot in his life.

"After almost five months in prison, Mossimo is finally out. Prison definitely took a toll on him," the source said according to InTouch. "He doesn't expect sympathy but he's still struggling to adjust to what he went through. It really broke him down and forced him to re-evaluate his life." Giannulli was released on April 3 and just completed his home confinement on day early on Friday, April 16.

"Lori and the girls were ecstatic to have him back home, but it was very bittersweet," the source said. "There were a lot of tears and hugging, but he's changed. It scared Lori to see her one-time protecter so beaten down." Giannulli was serving a five-month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc, however, he was later relocated to the Long Beach Residential Reentry Management just before being moved to home confinement.

While both Loughlin and Giannulli have not broken their silence since both served time behind bars, their daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli has come forward to say while her family did mess up, she does feel she deserves a second chance. The turned to Red Table Talk to give her side of the story nearly two years after the scandal took over, and was received with a lot of love but also a lot of criticism from onlookers. "There is no justifying or excusing what happened, because what happened was wrong," she admitted before adding that she feels she deserves another chance to make it right. "I'm 21, I feel like I deserve a second chance to redeem myself, to show I've grown."

Now that her dad is back home, their family is trying to heal. "Whatever it takes, therapy, counseling, she wants them to heal and be better from this nightmare ordeal," the insider detailed in regards to Giannulli and his actress wife. "Now it's all about baby steps. They're planning a family holiday for the near future. Their focus is on regaining their confidence, getting back out into the world, and definitely doing better. They acknowledge that they did have a privileged life and that they made some mistakes. This was a huge wake-up call."