Lindsay Lohan Addresses Kim Kardashian Comment About Her Accents

Over the past few years, Lindsay Lohan has developed an unplaceable accent, something that has caused some confusion among fans and those that know the actress.

One of those confused people was Kim Kardashian, who used Lohan's accent as material for a clapback after Lohan seemingly criticized Kardashian's January 2018 Instagram post in which Kardashian wrote that she had "Bo Derek braids," prompting accusations of cultural appropriation.

"I am confused," Lohan commented on the snap, with Kardashian replying, "You know what's confusing… your sudden foreign accent."

Lohan was asked about Kardashian's comment during an appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday, and according to the actress, there's no bad blood between the pair.

"I love Kim, so I just was confused about the braids because she'd just had a baby," she said. "I don't know. We're friends, yeah, with all the family."

The 32-year-old further discussed the Kardashian/Jenner family when a caller asked about Kris Jenner's Mean Girls-inspired role in Ariana Grande's recent "thank u, next" music video.

"I love Kris Jenner so anything she does is great for me!" Lohan said.

The Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club star recently opened up about her accent to Entertainment Tonight, explaining that it's simply part of her being an actress.

"Well, I think it's because actresses even, I think when I'm around certain dialects it changes each time — Panos even — and you just pick things up along the way," she said, referencing her business partner, Panos Spentzos.

Lohan explained that her accent is influenced by her travels and places she's lived, which include Dubai, Athens and Mykonos, though she noted that her accents tend to come back thicker depending on where she is at the time.

"Well, a little bit of New Yorker, they all start to come back," she said.

In 2016, Lohan told the Daily Mail that her accent is "a mixture of most of the languages I can understand or am trying to learn."

That same year, the actress' parents, Michael and Dina Lohan, opened up about their daughter's accent to Entertainment Tonight.

"Lindsay picks up languages like I pick up a coffee!" Michael said, sharing that Lindsay speaks French, Arabic and Farsi. "I will tell you this, she's spoken other languages on the phone with me — languages I don't understand. I'll be on the phone with her and I'll hear her say something in fluent Farsi to a friend she's with."

"I raised Lindsay and all my children to constantly learn different languages and embrace different cultures," Dina said. "Since Lindsay was a kid, she was speaking fluent Italian because my mother is Italian and would only speak to her in it. She taught herself how to speak French, Arabic, Hebrew and the list goes on. Lindsay has a very high IQ and is very intelligent and can pick up on any language in a minute. She has that gift."


"She is a worldly person who has so many talents and so much to offer, and that's what makes her so special and so beautiful," she added.

Photo Credit: Getty / John Shearer