'Law and Order: SVU' Star Ice-T Arrested for Serious Traffic Violation

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T was recently arrested for a serious traffic [...]

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T was recently arrested for a serious traffic violation.

According to TMZ, the actor was taking the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey on his way into New York City, and was arrested for evading the bridge toll.

Ice-T apparently drove the E-ZPass lane, which is for drivers with an electronic transmitter that prepay tolls, but his malfunctioned in some manner.

He was spotted by police in the McLaren sports car that he was driving and quickly pulled over. Ice-T was only arrested after they discovered that the car was not registered.

While speaking to the police, Ice-T reportedly stated that he does actually have an E-ZPass — seven of them even — but that he didn't realize there wasn't one in the McLaren. He added that the vehicle was unregistered because he just recently had it shipped to his home from California.

He was reportedly released by the police and headed straight to the set of Law & Order: SVU.

He has since broken his silence on the arrest, tweeting out, "Lol. Cops got a little extra. Coulda just wrote a ticket," in response to a fan asking if the story was true.

Before seriously becoming an actor, Ice-T rose to fame as a rapper and the founder of heavy metal/hardcore band Body Count.

Notably, Ice-T and the band ignited a massive controversy in 1992 when they released their self-titled debut album featuring the song "Cop Killer," which contained lyrics that many felt glorified the murder of police

Ice-T defended the track as simply being a piece of art, invoking comparisons to other famed musicians' music.

"I'm singing in the first person as a character who is fed up with police brutality. I ain't never killed no cop. I felt like it a lot of times. But I never did it," Ice-T stated at the time. "If you believe that I'm a cop killer, you believe David Bowie is an astronaut [referring to Bowie's song "Space Oddity"]".

Other than the "Cop Killer" controversy, and now his traffic violation issue, Ice-T has no other significant run-ins with the law during his time as a rapper and actor.