Lamar Odom's 'GMA' Interview Reveals How Many Seizures and Strokes He Had During Overdose at Love Ranch

Lamar Odom is opening up about his struggle with addiction, including his infamous overdose in 2015 at Love Ranch brothel in Nevada where he suffered multiple seizures and strokes during a four-day bender.

In an interview with ABC News' Juju Chang, Odom said he was in the midst of his battle with drug and sex addiction and at the time was "just thinking about trying to go have fun."

"I wasn't thinking. I wasn't thinking. Being selfish," he said.

Toward the end of his four-day stay at the brothel, he was found unresponsive and told ABC News that he had suffered 12 seizures and six strokes — and that his heart had stopped twice.

"All of my doctors from Cedars-Sinai [Medical Center] said it was a miracle," the former NBA player said, adding that he doesn't have any memory of taking drugs.

"But you also don't have much of a memory of any of it," Chang said to Odom, who didn't dispute it.

Odom said he went to the brothel in the first place to escape the fear of losing his career as well as his marriage to Khloé Kardashian, who had recently filed for divorce from him after their 2009 marriage, which followed a whirlwind, one-month romance.

"I was a professional at hiding it," he said of his drug and sex addiction. "Khloé didn't know for a long time."

As far as his roles on Keeping up With the Kardashians and Khloe & Lamar went, Odom said he "loved" it.

"The red carpet is rolled out for you everywhere you go. What's not to love about that?" he said. "When we shot our show [Khloe & Lamar], I was playing really good basketball."

But like he said, "When you're married, you don't want your wife to know that you're sniffing coke and ... having sex with other women."

In his new memoir, Darkness to Light, he writes about a drug-induced rage where he was hallucinating and paranoid and threatened to kill Kardashian. He says he told her, "I'll f—ing kill you! You don't know what I'm capable of!"

"I'm pretty sure she had to be scared in that point in time," he said of Kardashian. "I'm thinking about it now, like, I couldn't believe that I was treating a queen like that."

Chang asked, "Have you apologized to her?"

"I don't think I have," he said, adding that he feels he owes "her and her family an apology."

After Odom was found at the brothel, Kardashian famously cared for him, as he was her legal husband, delaying the divorce process until he got better. Although both of them had already signed divorce papers, the judgment had not yet entered court. In May 2016, Kardashian filed for divorce a second time, with the proceedings being finalized in December.

After completing a month-long stint in rehab in 2016, Odom said he still has the occasional drink and smokes marijuana, but that he "can't even remember" the last time he did cocaine.


"It's been a long time," he said.

Darkness to Light hits shelves May 28th.