Kylie Jenner Shown No Mercy by Twitter as She's Mocked for Trying to Copyright 'Rise and Shine'

Kylie Jenner's effort to trademark "rise and shine" after her video singing the phrase to 1-year-old daughter Stormi went viral is not being met with kindness online from people thinking the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has taken her latest business move a little too far. TMZ reported Tuesday on the billionaire's move to coin the phrase, with the filing covering clothes, accessories and makeup, after Jenner did sell sweatshirts for upwards of $60 with the phrase emblazoned on the arms. The makeup mogul is known for her trigger-happy trademark tendencies, famously attempting to copyright "Kylie" years prior before being blocked by Kylie Minogue, but Twitter was both shocked and annoyed at her latest effort to monetize the meme.

Another wrote bluntly alongside an article about the copyright filing, "Worst. Copyright. Ever. Quit. Quit. Now. Your. Existence. Is. Abhorrent."

"We can never say 'rise & shine' ever again without getting copyright from Kylie Jenner again," another joked, while still others dug up tweets from other celebrities using the phrase and joking they were going to be sued by the reality personality.

Jenner certainly isn't one to shy away from a payday, however, being named Forbes' Youngest Self-Made Billionaire ever earlier this year at the age of 21. The outlet originally reported in July 2018 that the young businesswoman had a net worth of around $900 million and that her Kylie Cosmetics company was worth around $800 million, but less than a year later, her company rose to a net worth of $900 million and Jenner was pushed over the billionaire line by her KUWTK paycheck and various endorsement deals.

Photo credit: Getty / Dia Dipasupil