Kylie Jenner Drops out of Lawsuit Against Blac Chyna

Kylie Jenner is taking motherhood one day at a time.

As the legal battle between Blac Chyna and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians family rages on, one family member decided a lawsuit isn't worth her time.

TMZ reported on Friday that Kylie Jenner has dropped out of the lawsuit she and brother Rob Kardashian originally filed against Chyna. That lawsuit stems from Chyna allegedly physically attacking Kardashian back in December 2016 with a phone charger while she was intoxicated.

While the lawsuit never claimed Chyna touched Jenner, it did claim she damaged the walls and broke a door on the house Kardashian was renting from his younger half-sister.

TMZ claims Jenner's new lawyer, Shawn Holley, dropped Jenner from the lawsuit after they realized she had no real financial stake in the case, as Kardashian reportedly fixed the damages himself. As a result of this move, a judge denied Chyna's request to have Jenner give a deposition in her ongoing lawsuit against Jenner's family.

Jenner stunned fans earlier in the week when she revealed to be back to wearing waist trainers just six weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Stormi Websiter.

"My girl [premadonna87] hooked me up wiht the [Waist Gang Society] snap back package. [[Waist Gang Society] has the BEST quality snap back products," Jenner wrote in the caption.

But the post also received some negative feedback as the product has been compared to a harmful modern version of a corset. Even medical professionals weighed in, with OBGYN Dr. Cythia Robbins telling US Weekly that Jenner was wearing hers the wrong way.

"A waist trainer is a very tight garment that can be clinched tighter and tighter to pull in the floating rib and anatomically compress," Dr. Robbins said. "This is worn higher, does not stabilize the pelvis and I feel puts harmful compression to the abdomen. It has a temporary result that is no different than anything too tight around skin."

Elsewhere, Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods said in an interview with PEOPLE that she and boyfriend Travis Scott are learning as they go when it comes to raising Stormi.


"It's just a whole new experience. It's something you never have gone through, but you figure it out as you go," Woods said. "I think that it takes a really strong woman to carry a child."

"I've put myself in that situation of me actually carrying a child, and it's not easy. It's really not easy," she added, laughing, "So I admire any woman who gave [birth] because that s— is crazy."