Kristen Bell Says She Lets Her Kids Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have no problem with Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 8, drinking non-alcoholic beer.

Kristen Bell doesn't care if people judge her for allowing her two daughters to drink non-alcoholic beer. The Good Place actress, who shares Lincoln, 9, and Delta, 8, with husband Dax Shepard, opened up about her kids' mature tastes on The Kelly Clarkson Show, revealing that while it "sounds insane," there's more to it than there seems.

"My kids have ordered non-alcoholic beers at restaurants before," Bell said. The Frozen star explained, "Context is important, we've learned that over the last few years. My husband and I, when we walked the babies at night in our neighborhood, when my daughter was really little – he is a recovering addict, but he likes non-alcoholic beer – so he popped one open, he'd have her on his chest, and we'd walk and look at the sunset." She continued, "So, as a baby, she was like, pawing at it, and sometimes she would suck on the rim of it. So, I think it feels to her like something special, something daddy, something family."

Bell assured host Kelly Clarkson and the audience that there is no alcohol in the drinks, and that while she initially feared judgment for allowing her daughters to order them in restaurants, she's since changed her mind. "But then I'm sort of like, you can judge me if you want, I'm not doing anything wrong," she added. "That's your problem."

Bell previously shared a story about her daughters' love of non-alcoholic beer in September 2020 on the Say Yes! with Carla Hall podcast, revealing that the little girls drinking one of the beverages in their Zoom classes may have raised a few eyebrows. "They have 15-minute breaks where they're allowed to jump around and grab a snack and wiggle it out. And I walk in to check on them at 9:30 and both of them are drinking an O'Doul's on their Zooms," she remembered. "They're both just sipping their Doulies. And I'm like, 'What must these other parents and teachers think of me?'"

"And then I remind myself, 'You don't care, Kristen. They can pretend like you're doing something wrong.' I would argue that I'm not, because it's nonalcoholic," the Veronica Mars alum added. "If anything, it opens up the discussion for why Daddy has to drink nonalcoholic beer, because some people lose their privileges with drinking. Drinking's not always safe."