Kourtney Kardashian's Company Targeted in Theft

Lemme tell you...Kourtney's out of millions of dollars in products.

Kourtney Kardashian's Lemme brand was the victim of theft. TMZ reports a truck stationed at a facility that Kourtney and her team have been using to ship out products for the holistic vitamin brand was stolen in the San Fernando Valley. Unfortunately for them, the truck contained $4 million worth of Lemme Burn, a top-selling product from the line. According to a description of the product on the website, Lemme Burn is "scientifically formulated to activate metabolism, fight belly fat and support healthy body composition with clinically studied Actiponin® Gynostemma Extract, based on a 12-week study."

It seems that the culprits could have hacked the facility's system and entered the property with false paperwork and identification. They drove off without being noticed. Making things scarier is the fact that a ransom note was digitally sent by this group of thieves, and it demanded payment for the return of the products.

A grand theft report has been filed with law enforcement. There is currently an ongoing investigation.

"Our team is working closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate the theft. In the meantime, we are implementing contingency plans to minimize any impact to our customers and retail partners," a Lemme rep said in a statement.

Celebrities in Southern California have been the victim of various forms of theft, primarily for jewelry in recent years, heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Multiple homes were targeted, leaving celebrities out of hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions, worth of material goods.

The eldest Kardashian has become the face of wellness since having her first child 13 years ago. She's become infamous for living an extremely healthy lifestyle, which at one point included a gluten and sugar-free diet. Lemme was five years in the making. She partnered with doctors and specialists to create a line of vegan daily vitamins and supplements.

So far, Kourt hasn't posted anything about the heist on her social media accounts.