Kim Kardashian Blasted by Fans for Showing off Jewelry in ‘Saturday’ Snap

Kim Kardashian posted a selfie featuring a tangled web of gold necklaces with a couple of big rings on Saturday afternoon, and fans felt she was courting danger considering her recent robbery.

"Hey Saturday," Kardashian wrote alongside the photo. It was framed from just below her nose to just above her navel, and showed her in a soft white robe. Around her neck hung at least seven necklaces, ranging in size and length. One featured the name "Pablo" in an old gothic script — presumably a reference to her husband, Kanye West's most recent album.

A few of the necklaces resembled old coins, with figures embossed on the surface in profile. One, hanging close to the 37-year-old reality star's throat, had a jewel laid into it.

(Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian)

Kardashian held up the back of her hand for her followers to see as well, showing off a big gold ring on her pointer finger and a slip wedding band on her ring finger. Her nails were freshly done as well.

For some fans, it seems ludicrous for Kardashian to show off a stack of jewelry on social media in real time. The model had a whole stash of jewelry stolen from her hotel room in Paris not too long ago, and it seems conceivable that a well-connected social media follower could trace her location in real time and try the same thing again, knowing all the valuables she's carrying.

"Maybe she's planning on getting robbed again," wrote Instagram user Jenni Christine (jennichristine) along with a couple of laughing-crying emojis.

"I thought u might off learnt your lesson from the 'robbery,'" added Jayda (jay.dalici0us).

"What you learned from Paris robbery?" chimed in Ayham (ayham_abd). "Nothing."

Kardashian's Instagram knows no end of controversy this week. She posted a topless photo on Thursday that was so inflammatory that the women on The View covered it. She also posted another photo on Friday revealing a pair of see-through pants, which man fans felt was too much.